Falcon / Sugar / Las Blancas

What To Expect

Using the Falcon Heights Motel as our base camp, we'll head out to the lake of your choice.  From the motel, we can be fishing in Falcon in less than 10 minutes, Las Blancas in about 30 minutes, and Sugar in about  45 minutes.  We'll be fishing out of Skeeters with plenty of horsepower to move us from spot to spot in a hurry. 

If you don't want to bring your own gear, then we will provide the rods and reels along with soft drinks and water.  You bring the baits.  You can call about a week prior to your arrival and I'll advise the type and color of baits that the fish are currently hitting on. If you are bringing your own rods and reels,  I normally use a 17 lb. monofiliment but will also use a braided line when fishing plastic around trees and in brush.  I recommend a 6 foot medium-heavy rod for plastic and a 7 foot medium-heavy rod for the crank baits. 

I like to fish drop-offs, sunken brush piles, and timber.  The depth where the fish will be found will depend on current conditions.  When I pull into a new spot, I like to make a few casts with a crank bait first.  If there's a big fish lurking there, it seems that a crank bait will incite a bite quicker than plastic.  After a few casts, it there's no bite, I'll change to a plastic and try to coax a big one onto my hook


A quick check list of what you'll need to bring with you:

    1.  Your US passport or birth certificate along with photo-ID.  If we travel into Mexico you will need these documents to re-enter 
                 the United States.  It will not be necessary to obtain a Mexican Visa.  

    2.  Plenty of sun-screen and sunglasses.  Even in the winter months, the days can be hot and very, very sunny.

    3.  Appropriate clothing.  It's a good idea to call prior to your arrival date for a weather and temperature update.  I'll advise you
                 then of the type of clothing you'll need to bring.

    4.  The baits - I love to fish plastic and crank baits but also use spinner baits at times.  You should plan on calling about a week 
                 prior to arrival and I'll be able to tell you exactly what and how many to bring  based on the length of your trip.

    5.  Rods and reels - if you're bringing your own  then bring a minimum of two (one for plastic and one for crank baits).  

    6.  Camera or cam-corder to preserve your memories.  We have inter net service at the camp for sharing these back home.

    7.  Food - this is really up to you.  We have a kitchen and dining area at camp for those who want to bring and prepare their
                own meals.  We also have a package where all meals are provided.  The food is home-made and delicious.  Real 
                authentic Mexican food, steaks, chicken, fish, and bar-b-que are the normal fare for our guests.  After a long day
                on the lake, most fisherman would prefer to return to camp, relax with a tall, cold sundowner, relive the adventures 
                of the day with friends, and then be served a fresh, hot meal rather than having to cook. It seems that most of them
                also prefer to sleep a bit longer in the mornings, and wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a hot breakfast prepared
                and waiting for them - but the choice is yours.

    8.  Transportation - for guests driving down, there are detailed  directions to the Falcon Heights Motel that you will find on the
                "Contact Us" page of this website.  With our packages, we  provide transportation to the lakes once you arrive.  If you're
                flying down, we  can provide airport pick-up and delivery so you wouldn't need to rent a vehicle.  You would be flying into
                either Laredo or McAllen and we will meet you there.  You can find pricing details on the "Packages and Pricing" page of 
                this  website.

    9.  Lodging - rooms will be provided at the Falcon Heights Motel.  There's nothing fancy, but the rooms are clean and
                comfortable and the atmosphere is casual and friendly.  Maid service is provided daily and there are facilities
                for washing your clothes.  If you plan on bringing your own boat, there are hook-up facilities for battery charging.
                There is a kitchen, dining room and lounge area for relaxing after a long day on the water.  All rooms are equipped
                with Direct TV and WIFI so you can bring your laptop and stay in touch. 

    10.  Beer and Liquor - plan on bringing your own favorite beer or liquor.  Ice and mixers are provided. 
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