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I offer guided service to some of the most productive bass lakes in all of North America and northern Mexico in terms of size and numbers.

Lake Falcon:  Situated about an hour south of Laredo, Texas straddling the Texas / Mexico border, Falcon is consistently producing    
        large numbers of largemouth bass well over 10 lbs.

Sugar Lake:  About a 45 minute drive into Mexico from Lake Falcon, you'll find an undiscovered paradise for large-mouthed lunkers that
very few Americans have ever even heard of.

Las Blancas - about a 30 minute drive into Mexico from Lake Falcon, this small, semi-private lake produces catches of over a hundred
         largemouth  bass per day. 

Lake Baccarac - we are now able to offer special packages to fish one of the hottest lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. The lake is tucked 
        into the high desert foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  Baccarac is producing ten-fish stringers of 
over 70 pounds.  Call for information on go online and visit www.bacurato.com.  

Most bass fisherman will fish their entire lives and never get the opportunity to fish a lake like one of these. You have the option of fishing one of these incredible lakes, or all three of them in the same trip.  If you've got the time - then I can make it happen! 

Welcome to my website.  I'm Carlos Olivares and I own, operate, and guide out of the Falcon Heights Motel in Falcon Heights, Texas. I grew up on the shores of Lake Falcon and have been fishing these lake all of my life.  I know these lakes, I know where the honey holes are, and I know where the monsters lurk. 

I've put together some fishing packages for folks who want make  fishing memories that will last a lifetime. Please take some time to read through my website and enjoy the fishing pictures.  I look forward to posting a photo of you here on my site, holding your 10+ pounder in the very near future.
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